Your dream business website made simple and affordable

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Choose a base structure

Choose a base structure to begin building. Choose a single landing style page or 5 page website with shop. You decide which base to use. You can always upgrade later if you decide you need additional space.

Add Products As Needed

Customize your selected base structure with premium products. Include photo touch-up or a portal booking system, whichever products you choose will be integrated into your site.

Get a Quote

After you add your base structure and products to your package submit it for a no obligation quote. Prices shown are for the product alone and will be discounted when added to package offers.

If quote is ACCEPTED 

If quote is REJECTED

Quote Acceptance

If you are happy with the quoted price for your package carefully read the terms and details then accept the quote. Accepted quotes become invoices and legally binding contracts.

Payment Upon Acceptance

We require a deposit of 30% of the total quote to begin work. You have 14 business days to pay the initial deposit for work to begin. After 14 days the job will be archived and held on file for 60 days. Deposits are non-refundable. Work begins immediately following deposit payment.

Final Payment

After you approval the final results payment is due within 30 business days. Non payment will result in archival of work for 60 days. Clients have multiple revisions per job and can purchase additional revisions as needed.

Quote Rejection

If you are not happy with the quoted price for your package or the terms and details then reject the quote and give information as to how we can better serve you.

Quote Review

Rejected quotes will be submitted for review and if possible we will seek to accommodate the requested changes.

Final Offer

A revised quote offer will be presented if possible for client review. At this time the client may reject the final offer or accept the revised quote.

Revisions Timelines Payments Refunds
Most jobs come with three or more revisions included. This allows clients to preview work and make changes. Clients that need more revisions can purchase them for a small fee. Carefully read the contract offer details prior to acceptance to ensure the number of revisions is acceptable to you.
Timelines will vary based on complexity and type. However most jobs are completed within 30 business days. Revisions extend this period. We also offer faster turn around timelines for a expedited fee.
All quotes are free of charge, clients are not required to render payment until acceptance of the quote offer. Once the client accepts the quote it becomes an invoice and legal binding contract. A deposit of 30% is required within 14 business days from the date of acceptance. Final payment is required after final approval is given by the client. If final payment is not rendered within 30 days of the date of job completion the job will be archived for 60 days then destroyed. Any job which is not paid for after final approval and is abandoned after 60 days will become the property of LexyRed and or destroyed.
Any payment made to LexyRed while under contract is subject to our policy and terms of use. Deposits made to begin work are non-refundable. Clients who are not happy with final results may elect not to pay for the finished product and forfeit rights to any property or imagery acquired in the pursuit of completing the job. We work closely with all major credit issuers to ensure payments accepted are valid.